The perfect starting point for full site editing

Blockify enhances the WordPress editor with useful customization features that make creating websites more enjoyable

Full Site Editing

Customize every aspect of your site from within the site editor without needing to write code

Responsive Settings

Change the layout, size and spacing of blocks depending on the users device width and screen size

SVG Icons

Choose from a multiple collections of SVG icons that can be placed directly into pages with the core image block

Block Extensions

Additional supports, extensions and text formats for core blocks, no custom block library required

Google Fonts

Locally hosted web fonts that are automatically loaded only when selected and saved in the editor

Absolute Positioning

Create almost any kind of layout with the easy to use block positioning and layout settings

Shadow Settings

Easily add custom box shadow styles to any block in just a few clicks with easy to use settings

Fluid Design

Flexible typography and spacing scales that automatically adapts and works with most screen sizes

Dark Mode

Add dark mode to your site with separate, customizable dark mode color palettes and gradients

Spend more time doing things you enjoy

Spend less time writing and maintaining code and more time having fun while creating amazing content and website designs that your audience will love

Customize and create your own child theme

Full support for the Create Block Theme plugin which allows you to customize every aspect of your design in the Site Editor and export your own child theme

Always up to date with the latest features

Blockify works with the Gutenberg plugin and is continuously tested with the latest and beta versions of both the Gutenberg plugin and WordPress core

Simple pricing plans

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Single active site

  • Pro blocks & patterns
  • WooCommerce
  • Developer tools
  • White label

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Up to 10 active sites

  • Pro blocks & patterns
  • WooCommerce
  • Developer tools
  • White label

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Unlimited active sites

  • Pro blocks & patterns
  • WooCommerce
  • Developer tools
  • White label

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